Driver of the Month April 2020

This month we are featuring the story of Darron who was voted Driver of the Month for April 2020. 

Darron started driving school in 2008 after working two jobs to support six children – YES, you read that right, six children.  Darron has three children of his own but he helped raise three other children in his extended family who would have gone to foster care had he not stepped in.  Darron has always been a hard worker and was determined to provide for these children through earned income.  He had been working for Mohawk Industries in GA and started a second job at Aquafil.    He ended up being laid off from both jobs in 2008 but then landed a wonderful opportunity…..

That wonderful  opportunity came from Braum’s College as a scholarship work program to attend Driving School in Forsythe, GA.  Darron was the only one to graduate on the actual week of graduation.  He was told that he was the only one in his class to take it seriously.  While everyone was partying, Darron stayed in the room studying, because he really wanted to make the most of this opportunity.   The others ended up graduating later.

For the next year, Darron went on to drive  in Ohio but then had to leave trucking for a couple of years. He returned home to take local jobs to help his teenager daughter through a rough patch.  He was determined to do what needed to be done to get her back on track.  And he did!

Darron Dancing with his daughter at her wedding.

When Darron returned to the trucking world in 2011, he drove for CFI trucking and then Crete, but fortunately landed in what we plan to be his last home; driving with the BWY Transport and US Logistics Group family.  Darron has been with us  for over 3 years and has been selected as Driver of the Month several times.

What makes Darron a driver of the month?  Here are some things his operations team says about him…

“This guy simply wants to burn and turn. When you have a driver like that, that’s wanting to run hard, you have a profitable asset to our company” – Doug Frizzell.

“As a fleet manager, I dream of having an entire fleet of Darron’s. He is one driver that makes my life easy. If Darron tells me he will do something, I know with full confidence (and without having to follow up) that it will be done. Darron is the hardest working driver that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. And on a personal note, Darron is a truly humble and kind man. He always has a good attitude and a kind word. I enjoy working with Daron and I hope to continue working with him for many years to come” – Robert McKenzie

I asked Darron what made him want to start driving; he said…

“My mom told me, when I was a kid, I didn’t pick out hot cars off the road like many young boys do, I used to pick the big trucks and say, ‘That’s my truck!’”

Now he is burning up the road in the Big Trucks!  He loves meeting people from different walks of life, one memory in particular was when he met two professors in Texas and they sat and just enjoyed talking.  He also enjoys listening to NPR and talk radio, country music and gospel music.  To pass the time when he isn’t running he will get out and go for a walk, jump rope and use weights to stay active.  He claims to be a movie buff and enjoys reading books and magazines.  He says his favorite place to go is Texas for the great people and variety of food, but he also loves to travel through the open roads in middle America. 

Will Darron always drive?  Well that story remains to be told.  He says in the next 10 years if he did something different, he might like to become an electrician or maybe stay in trucking and become an owner operator.  Of course, we want his home to remain with the BWY Transport and US Logistics Group family until he decides to retire!

Written by April Meeks

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