Driver of the Month – March 2020

BWY is excited to share the story of Johnnie, our driver of the month for March 2020!!

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“He’s always laughing and enjoying his job”!

States his Dispatcher April Mulligan

It was a joy finding out a little more about Johnnie when I contacted him  to tell him about being selected.  His response was a laugh and asking “How did that happen?”  I found out quickly that Johnnie is a kind and humble person with a great attitude.  In fact, his dispatcher stated about him “He’s always laughing and enjoying his job”. But Johnnie’s great attitude wasn’t the only reason he was selected as Driver of the Month.

His dispatcher also went on to state,  “He has pushed out his home time several times just to keep running when we needed him. When he goes home, he’s right back on time. He’s proactive in making sure we have not forgotten him when he doesn’t have a preplan. He’s pulled off some amazing saves on loads taking sharp breaks, saving every moment he can to make on-time pick ups and deliveries”

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So I was intrigued to find out why Johnnie became a driver and what is the source of his great attitude.  I found out that Johnnie graduated in 1986 in New York but didn’t start truck driving until just 5 years ago after attending driving school in Missouri.  When I asked him what made him want to start driving, he stated,  “Well, at my age, without a college degree, I knew it was one of my best opportunities to drive”.  He now lives in North Carolina and has two grown boys.  He said that others in his family have been inspired by his career in truck driving.  His nephew has even considered becoming a driver.  Johnnie said that when people ask him about wanting to become a truck driver, he tells them  “you can’t just like to drive, you need to LOVE to drive if you want to become a truck driver”.  And Johnnie LOVES to drive.  When asked about how to be successful in being on time for pick ups and deliveries, he said, it comes down to just planning ahead and making good use of your clock.  And as for attitude with delays, he says that a lot of people get mad, but you cannot be in a rush.  You have to have patience but also keep the door closed and just keep moving.

I asked him how he handled being alone on the road – he said, “listening to music and having some people to talk to on the phone, hands free of course”.   His favorite music is old school R&B from 80’s.  He doesn’t pack meals for the road, he said it is distracting to eat and drive, he has to stop to eat anyway, so he just picks up something at a restaurant or truck stop.   He did admit to especially liking junk food. (don’t we all?)   I asked if he had some favorite routes or states he likes to go through.  He stated, “not particularly, I just go wherever the load takes me”.  

As for Johnnie’s future in trucking, he said the owner of BWY, Bryan Meeks, told him he could never quit.  However, they have developed a business relationship and discuss Johnnie developing into a fleet owner.  Johnnie is considering purchasing a truck within the next year and putting a driver in it to build towards a fleet in the future.

Congratulations Johnnie!! BWY Transport is fortunate to have you!!

Written by April Meeks

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